Metallian Heavy

THE EQUINOX OV THE GODS has signed to Burning Star where the band will issue an album in the summer…Black Lodge Records will issue MAZE OF TORMENT’s Hidden Cruelty album in April…LORD GORE has officially split up, yet a sampler of the band’s unreleased songs will be issued by Razorback Records this summer…The Netherlands’ SAURON will release a third full-length album, entitled The Channeling Void, on February 9th through Carnal Records…A reunited POSSESSED, now featuring original singer Jeff Becerra and members of SADISTIC INTENT, will possibly headline The Unholy Trinity European tour in July and August. Supporting POSSESSED will be SADISTIC INTENT, MORTEM and PENTACLE…No shock, singer Mike Sanders, guitarist Josh Christian, bassist Brian Bonini and new drummer Lou Caldarola have reunited TOXIK. The band’s albums were recently reissued through Poland’s Metal Mind Productions…SKITZO 17th CD will be called Five Point Containment and is set for release on Open Grave Records on May 15th, 2007. Jeff Becerra of POSSESSED will be a guest on the album…Swedish band MÅNEGARM will release a new album, called Vargstenen (translation: The Wolfstone), on May 4th through Black Lodge Records…Brazilian thrash band CHAOSFEAR has signed to OSM Records. The band’s One Step Behind Anger album is due in May…CONSTRUCDEAD and drummer Erik Thyselius and bassist Viktor Hemgren have parted ways presumably due to a lack of time and commitment. The band has postponed recording a new album…COMPOS MENTIS will release its second album, entitled Gehennesis, on March 26th through the resurrected Mighty Music. The band has also announced the addition of keyboardist Rune Klausen to the band following the departure of current man Bo…Metal Blade’s CATARACT has recruited guitarist Tom Kuzmic (of DISPARAGED) to replace the departed Simon...Death metal band DRAWN AND QUARTERED will issue its fifth album, Merciless Hammer Of Lucifer, in July through Moribund Records…THE ABSENCE has announced Riders Of The Plague as the title for its second album, which is due through Metal Blade Records in September…According to Bastardized recordings JAPANISCHE KAMPFHÖRSPIELE recently announced the title of its upcoming album as Rauchen Und Yoga (Smoking And Yoga). The band is currently in the process of recording 15-20 brand new “pop/grind” tracks…Dan Wilding is the name of the new ABORTED drummer…Well-known thrash drummer Atomic Steif of SODOM and LIVING DEATH fame has returned to HOLY MOSES after a 15-year absence...Former GRIEF bassist and DISRUPT drummer Randy is in a new band called THE UNDER…After losing much of its inspiration CALLENISH CIRCLE has called it a day. The band’s farewell show is March at De Azijnfabriek in Roermond, The Netherlands…In what the band describes as “good news,” EXCITER has parted ways with Osmose Productions. The band is looking for a new label for the release of the Thrash Speed Burn album…Following the departure of bassist Philippe Beck GARDEN OF DECAY has thrown in the towel…Gregory Chiesa has been named the new singer of LISTERIA…Drummer Dave Kinkade has given up on COUNCIL OF THE FALLEN citing a lack of activity and will concentrate on his own band, Monarch. He has also joined INSATANITY.

Metallian Hard

In a move harkening back to the band’s days with singer Cyriis, AGENT STEEL has named its forthcoming album on Mascot Records, Alienigma…W.A.S.P.’s Dominator album, originally scheduled through SPV this spring, will now appear through Demolition Records in April…One-time ANCIENT singer Lord Kaiaphas has a new symphonic metal solo project called THOKKIAN VORTEX. An album is being completed…Singer Marc Vaillancourt from hardcore band B.A.R.F., guitarist Pat Gordon from GHOULUNATICS, drummer Michel "Away" Langevin from VOIVOD and cellist Philippe Mius d'Entremont from MARUKA have a band called LES ÉKORCHÉS and will release a self-titled album this month through Indica Records…Italy’s STORMLORD is working on a DVD. The Battle Of Quebec City: Live In Canada 2006 was recorded during the band's 15th anniversary Canadian tour and will include the show in Quebec City, plus two songs from Toronto and Montreal gigs and more…Sweden’s EMERALD will enter a studio in Germany on February 10th to begin recording the band’s fourth album, entitled Hymns To Steel for Pure Steel Records...Alexi Laiho of CHILDREN OF BODOM recently broke a bone in his shoulder due to a bowling accident. The band’s appearance at the Desert Rock festival in Dubai this month is therefore cancelled…JEYBOY has reunited after signing to Cleopatra Records. The band will issue a CD and a video this year…CANDLEMASS, now featuring SOLITUDE AETERNUS singer Robert Lowe, is completing work on a new album called King Of The Grey Islands. The album is due in June through Nuclear Blast Records. CANDLEMASS will play a twentieth anniversary show on March 31st in Sweden where Lowe will debut. Also appearing will be former singers Johan Langquist and Tomas Vikström…Roadrunner Records has signed DREAM THEATER. A new album, entitled Systematic Chaos, is due in June...The release of DIMMU BORGIR’s In Sorte Diaboli album has been pushed forward to April in Canada. The band will tour America with DEVILDRIVER and UNEARTH…BLIND GUARDIAN’s ‘80s and ‘90s catalogue has been reissued on CD with new mastering and liner notes…HURRICANE featuring Robert Sarzo, who is the brother of former QUIET RIOT bassist Rudy Sarzo, has reformed and is working on new music...UFO drummer Andy Parker broke his ankle last month and will be sitting out the band’s European tour. His replacement is former AC/DC man Simon Wright…SEPULTURA guitarist Andreas Kisser is working on his solo album, Hubris 1 & 2, which is due on Mascot Records at the end of the year…U.D.O. has picked Mastercutor as the title for its new album, which is due on May 18th through AFM Records…IRON MAIDEN will follow up its appearance at Dubai Desert Rock Festival in the UAE with its first appearance in India. The group will play a show in Bangalore on March 17th…German band SUIDAKRA will release a new album, called Caledonia, in North America on May 22nd through Locomotive Records. The album is a concept regarding the Scottish Highlands and heritage…GOTTHARD will release a new album, Domino Effect, on April 27th…Former Black Mark band LAKE OF TEARS will release a new album, entitled Moons And Mushrooms, on April 26th through Dockyard 1…CAGE has signed a deal with the new label Destroy All Records Entertainment for North America. The band’s fourth CD, Hell Destroyer, will be out shortly…OLYMPOS MONS has signed to Scarlet records. The follow-up to the Conquistador album is called Medievil and will be released sometime during the summer of 2007…Open Grave Records has announced the signing of Virginia Beach, VA-based Stoner/Sludge band THE MISANTHROPE PROJECT. The band is comprised of Charlie Lee Beasley– vocals, Ahmasi – bass, Vince – guitar, Justin also guitar and Joey Martin – drums. A five-song CD is presently in the works with a tentative release date set for August. As well as the CD release Land O Smile Records will be releasing a limited edition vinyl pressing…Century Media has signed BLESSED BY A BROKEN HEART, the self-proclaimed “superheroes destined to save the world from nuclear annihilation with the power of metal.” BBABH hails from Montreal, Canada and has released one album, All’s Fair In Love And War, on Blood & Ink Records in 2004. The band’s new singer is Carlo Gambino…THE STEVE GRIMMETT BAND has entered the studio with producer Dennis Ward in order to begin recording its debut album, tentatively titled Personal Crisis. The band is comprised of former GRIM REAPER singer Steve Grimmett – Vocals, Ian Nash (LIONSHEART and SEVEN DEADLY SINS) – guitar, Ritchie Walker – bass and former Di’Anno drummer Pete Newdeck…PRO-PAIN will release a new album called Age Of Tyranny/The Tenth Crusade this month…FIREWIND singer Apollo Papathanasio has cut short touring with the band due to a family emergency. Henning Basse of METALIUM is filling in…MY DYING BRIDE has lost bassist Adrian Jackson and stand-in drummer John Bennet. Drummer Dan Mullins of THINE and BAL-SAGOTH is standing in…RUSH's new album, Snakes & Arrows, will be issued through Anthem/Atlantic in May…Sony BMG has withdrawn the re-issue of DEEP PURPLE’s live 1993 album following a complaint by the band regarding the quality of the music on the album. The same music had previously been available on both CD and DVD formats…NWOBHM’s AVENGER has changed its name to AVENGER UK in order to avoid confusion given the existence of several bands with the same name. The band has also recruited guitarist Sean Jeffries and bassist Huw Holding…ILLNATH has been rejoined by drummer Benjamin Johannesen. The Danish band is working on a new album, entitled Three Nights In The Sewers Of Sodom…SAMAEL has signed with Nuclear Blast Records. The group's eighth album, entitled Solar Soul, is scheduled for release on June 15th. The band’s former label will release a band compilation called Aeonics - An Anthology… JOE LYNN TURNER's new album Second Hand Life will be issued by Frontiers Records in April…THE DEVIN TOWNSEND CD Ziltoid The Omniscient is due this summer through Inside Out Music…Canada’s FIST (MYOFIST in Europe) has a new record called Bolted Door…AXEMASTER has signed on to be managed by Sol Music (ANVIL, etc.) out of Canada…DGM will release its fifth album, entitled Different Shapes, at the end of May through Scarlet Records. DGM ais also confirmed to take part at GODS OF METAL 2007 PART 1 festival…CHINCHILLA has a new album called The Prophecy. The band was due to be touring Europe with SINNER and VENGEANCE when the tour was cancelled due to the recent injury of SINNER singer Mat…Crash Music is releasing BLACK AND BLUE’s Rarities album, on April 24th. The album will feature a collection of rare and live tracks from the band¹s back catalogue…Moonfog/The End Records will release DØDHEIMSGARD's upcoming Supervillian Outcast album in April…DIMENSION ZERO guitarist Daniel Antonsson has joined SOILWORK.

Metallian Demos

Portugal’s Requiem Laus was originally formed in 1994 and, despite a five-year hiatus, it is not surprising that the demo at hand features accomplished and professional songs. The band’s chosen style is a near original mix of death and doom meal with a good sound. The listener is treated to nearly twenty minutes of powerful and heavy music with uncompromising growling vocals. In addition to the heaviness, the band adds texture via melodic leads, rhythms and the odd oriental melody. There might be a Christian leaning running through songs like Christ Above and Reflection Of God, but the music is certainly striking. There is no accounting for foolishness either way. The group is already working on newer material, but contact them for this CD and more via or The CD also features a video clip. - Anna Tergel

Don’t know if Fool’s March has a religious theme, although the snippets of lyrics flying here and there do indicate that, but Descent Into Madness probably should not have chosen a name whose acronym is DIM! The group hails from Texas and mixes hard riffs with operatic female vocals, which quickly screams Nightwish of course. The band is not as accomplished or annoying as the Finns, but the comparison gives the readers a sense of the sound. The band’s guitarists mix heavy riffs, solid rhythms and tasteful solos with the melodic vocals for contrast. The rhythm section is too muddy to truly judge though. The band has a great image with long hair (except for the drummer) and I would like to see more of them. Visit the band’s website at or e-mail guitarist Alexander Kamburov at – Sheila Wes Det

Satans Penguins is the project of Killer Penguin who lists himself as the guitar player and also performs the ‘handclaps’ on this four-song CD. Looking at various information about the band such as member names, photos, website and lyrics it seems Satans Penguins has never figured out if they want to be taken seriously or not. On the one hand, there are lyrics like “All goodness must die. In the name of lord satan” and pictures featuring bullet belts, but on the other hand the aforementioned handclaps, saxophones and lines like ‘Behold the gigantic penguin.’ Are also present.
The end result is four unnamed songs that some may wish to think of as raw atmospheric black metal but in reality is not much more than a mishmash of riffs, darboukas, jazzy saxophones and pseudo aggressive vocals and screams. Contact the band at or at - Anna Tergel

The Australian quartet shows off various rock and heavy metal influences in Change Is The Catalyst. Within each song one can hear grungy rock sounds and get hints of melody not too unlike Dream Theater. More often than not, the band come off as a not too original version of many rock and heavy metal released heard many times over. The band even delves into faster and heavier realms on the song Warning Shot. The Users Guide To Longevity is structured like The Dillinger Escape Plan and it may be a good point of comparison for much of what is heard from IAM. All in all each of the eight songs tries to surprise with various rhythms and vocals and it seems to make it easy for the band to claim inspiration from any one of Sepultura, Opeth, Social Distortion and Deftones but the effectiveness of the album as a whole is somewhat compromised with each changing tempo. Contact the band at or at - Anna Tergel

This Canadian singer’s sophomore CD has been “five years in the making.” The Summoning Vector intro sets up a haunting start to the 68 minutes that follows it. This Is Your Plague follows and is dominated by lyrics, the kind that is surely written by an angry ex-lover. Sunday Is Falling Apart follows and the music continues to take a back seat to Christopher’s emotional lyrics. The Following Visual Was Staged continues the drama as the music continues to be mostly made up of percussion and residing firmly in the background for long portions. The four-part 11-minute Spaghetti Terrorist includes more unusual instruments likely to be found on traditional Middle and Far Eastern songs. Sharp Knives has a more techno feel and the listener might be excused if he is reminded of Peter Steele in vocals and Type O Negative in song. In Frailty Scan Christopher tests his vocal talents a bit more. The three-part The Wraith’s Progress takes the listener into the industrial realm and provides more accompaniment to the ‘man betrayed’ concept. Smoke And Origination is very much an alternative album that focuses too much on one lyrical theme that is sometimes to the detriment of the music supplementing it. Contact Christopher by visiting or at – Anna Tergel

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